Arvind Sarangdhar

Knight Consults Civil Engineering

An Indian Civil Engineer based in Nigeria, he is the CEO/Managing Director at Four Corner Innovation and Construction Limited, with over fifteen years of experience, supported by a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from KITS Nagpur University and a post-graduate program in Project Management from NICMAR.

He is a dedicated CEO skilled in Construction Management, Contract Management, and Project Management making him unabashedly concentrated on providing Infrastructural needs to society.

In 2013, Arvind proudly founded his company, Four Corner Innovation, and Construction Limited, based in Abuja, Nigeria. His company is currently a leading construction and finishing company in Nigeria and India, dedicated to providing as well as constructing various infrastructural needs, and delivering quality services at a competitive price to different organizations.

His company’s commitments are towards innovation and excellence to invariably result in the successful completion of projects for clients. With this intention in mind, Arvind is focused on working with a team that is passionate and driven to ensure clients’ satisfaction.

Arvind and his team have worked with many Brands and Establishments ranging from Factories, Hotels, Luxury restaurants, Showrooms, Corporate Offices, and Residential Towers.

His company has constructed and designed the infrastructures of different restaurants and lounges like Moonlight Restaurant and Lounge in Lagos Nigeria, Oceans 5 Restaurant, Pondicheri Restaurant in Lagos Nigeria, The Vue Restaurant in Abuja Nigeria, and 343 Degrees North Restaurant and lounge Lagos.

Some other Businesses he has worked with are Novare shopping mall Abuja, Cilantro Jabi Lake mall Abuja, and Jalsa Army Barrack Ikeja, Lagos. Aside from the construction projects handled in Nigeria, Arvind and his team have also taken on various construction and finishing projects in India.

In 2020, The four corner Innovation and Construction Limited was recognized among the top 60 brands in Nigeria and awarded the Inside Business Africa Superbrand award as the construction industry’s Most Innovative and Preferred Brand. This award is a recognition of the fact that Arvind’s goal for his company is to deliver premium and top-notch services to his clients.

Arvind’s company was also featured in the corporate world magazine, October 2020 edition, where he described his company’s unique and flexible project management as a system that ensures the achievement of positive outcomes for every project undertaken regardless of its size and nature.

His dedication and commitment to his work in the construction management industry also made his company recognized and awarded as the business leader of the year in Best Real Estate / Project Development in Luxury Restaurant during the world leadership congress and award function (19th Global edition and 4th Indian Edition) held in Mumbai, India.

He was also recognized and featured on the cover page of Nigeria’s No 1 Constructive Magazine (May 2021 edition).

To add to his talent and passion, he attached a feather to his professional hat by becoming an alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad (Online) in October 2021.

Arvind’s company progress report is proof that he is a committed and ardent CEO who leads by example to get the job done and keep clients satisfied.

By the side, Arvind is concerned about causes like Education, Environment, Human rights, and Economic Empowerment. As an influential CEO, he has contributed major inputs and investments in different areas concerning these causes.

Arvind Sarangdhar is passionate about his work, and he is a firm believer in the quote “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” by Leonardo Da Vinci, so he ensures that his work is embedded in style, poise, and elegance to achieve alongside his team, expansion across the continent by delivering world-class projects for different Businesses and Brands.






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